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Metropolis Daily News: Bizarre Crime Scene: Artificial Zoo Animals Stolen, Replaced with Balloons

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In a perplexing turn of events, Metropolis law enforcement is investigating a bizarre crime that occurred last night at the Metropolis Artificial Zoo. According to authorities, all the artificially-created zoo animals were stolen and replaced with life-sized, helium-filled balloons resembling the missing creatures.

The zoo's night watchman discovered the strange scene this morning during his routine rounds. Upon entering the premises, he found the balloon replicas floating in the enclosures where the artificial animals had been housed just the night before.

Zoo officials are baffled by the unusual theft and have no leads on the whereabouts of the stolen artificial animals or the identity of the culprits behind this peculiar crime.

One bystander, a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist, offered his unique perspective on the situation. "I'm telling you, it's aliens! They're here, and they're studying our artificial lifeforms. Why else would anyone steal fake animals and replace them with balloons? It's their way of leaving a calling card!"

Metropolis law enforcement is taking the investigation seriously but has not released any official statements regarding the involvement of extraterrestrial beings. Meanwhile, the zoo remains closed until further notice as authorities work to recover the missing artificial animals and restore order to the popular attraction.

Stay tuned to Metropolis Daily News for further updates on this peculiar case.


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