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Metropolis Origins is an NFT collectible card game, set in a cyberpunk world. When the Big Lift took the best of humanity to the stars, the old world ended and a new one formed out of street tech and sheer hustle. Use muscle, cunning, or hacking skills to make your way up from the dark alleys to the bright lights of Metropolis. Just don't lose.


Metropolis Origins is a ransom note from the future and a supercharged vision of the present.

In this tactical card game, you must strategically outwit and outmaneuver your opponents by building decks of cards that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics and abilities that your opponent throws at you. 


Guiding Statements

Vision – To build a future where people are excited for the potential of new technologies, but also desire human connectivity.

Mission – To create a future-forward NFT-based trading card game that feeds into a larger narrative universe.


History and Lore

Metropolis Origins is set in the same universe as Metropolis, a disk operating system (DOS) game developed by Graeme J. Devine in 1987. The first Metropolis was a single-player science fiction adventure game. It was one of the first games to let players chat with NPCs in a pixelated narrative setting.

image (14).png

A screenshot from 1987’s Metropolis (left) and the alpha build of 2021’s Metropolis Origins (right).


Fast forward nearly 25 years later and we’re seeing a first glimpse at the continuation of this cyberpunk narrative universe through the Metropolis Origins collectible trading card game.

Metropolis takes place in a dystopian future where the planet has been ravaged by ecological disaster and AIs are commonplace. With robots everywhere, the population of the world grew to an unmanageable amount and Earth became overcrowded, forcing humanity to look for a new home out in space. The planets closest to Earth-like Mars were discounted as they were hard to terraform, causing humanity to take on the task of searching deep space for a habitable planet, using a long range warp gate. Most of mankind proceeded to pack up and take the transport ships through the portal, leaving Earth to go to their new home during an exodus that came to be known as The Big Lift. 


Part of humanity chose to remain behind on Earth and began to gather in large cities, Metropolis being one of them. Cities began developing their own individual rules for what society should be: there are those who believe that humans and robots are equal, while others believe that humanity is superior to the robots they share the world with. There are even those who believe that robots should not be allowed within their city.

Phase I:

1987–April 2021
Our lead developer, Graeme Devine, continues to build the narrative world of Metropolis. In the summer of 2021, he and the members of the creative studio QXR Studios decided to expand and develop this universe onto other platforms. Thus, Metropolis Origins, the collectible trading card was born.

Phase II:

May 2021-October 2021
A project plan and game flow is put together for the Metropolis Origins trading card game. The team establishes how the game will be accessed, designed, which NFT network to use, gameplay testing, future card expansions, and building a Metropolis Origins community.


Fall 2021
This phase introduces gameplay to our players. Players will be able to view trailers, tutorials, and a limited number of active Discord members will get a sneak preview of the game before its initial launch. All throughout the two weeks leading up to the launch, our social channels will be active with stickers and minted card giveaways.

A beta build of the game is released on AtomicHub. Players can purchase a basic card pack, card expansion packs, trade cards, play the AI, and play other players. Card packs in the beta launch will consist of a total of 75 different card types.


We value the opinion of our Metropolis hackers and we will actively build a digital community. Part of this community building may include asking hackers to share their thoughts on gameplay or their suggestions for future card abilities. New characters and abilities will be introduced in future card expansions. 


New card packs will be released regularly.


Winter 2021/2022
More details about the narrative universe of Metropolis will be shared with our community. This may be in the form of blogs, short videos, comics, a character diary, and in card releases themed to Metropolis events and locations. We will also reveal more information about the Corporate, Underground, and Government factions. Players will have the chance to join one of these factions.

We will also collect community member feedback and ask our community for desired gameplay updates or suggestions.


Spring 2022
A full release of the game will be available. The full release will include new special abilities, gameplay boards, and a Challenge Mode. Special ability  combinations will occur when you play certain cards against one another. This will trigger a special line of dialogue or a character animation. The new gameplay boards represent different locations within the Metropolis world. With Challenge Mode, players can organize matches with other Discord community members.

Early cardholders will also get preview access to an upcoming Snapchat Augmented Reality (AR) experience involving the Metropolis Universe. This AR experience is part of an upcoming partnership between QXR Studios, the makers of Metropolis Origins, and Snap’s Ghost AR Innovation Lab.


Summer 2022
Cardholders will be able to craft and burn their cards. Crafting common cards can create an uncommon card, uncommon cards can create a rare, and rare cards can create a legendary. 

Depending on our community’s thoughts on our Challenge Mode update, the team will also investigate adding a Tournament Mode to the platform. The Tournament Mode could give hackers the ability to challenge other players and rank as the most destructive hacker on the planet. Hackers could also play against our in-game AI and unlock special game cutscenes for winning certain story-based tournaments.

A note for our hackers: The “Founders Pack” will have a limited release. Card holders who still own the original “Founders Pack” from our Beta Release will still be able to access the original beta build of the game. This is only available to those who have all 50 cards that came with the “Founders Pack.”


Fall 2022
In addition to the card game, the QXR Team will also reveal more information about the greater Metropolis Universe. From our AR experience with Snapchat to an upcoming PC game, NFT card holders will have relevance in shaping this ever-expanding storyworld. More to be revealed.

New cards, abilities, challenges, boards, and story components will continue to be released for Metropolis Origins.

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