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Breaking News: Elevator Mystery Baffles Supernatural Intelligence Bureau

Reports have been flooding in from all over Metropolis about a bizarre phenomenon occurring in elevator rides. Passengers entering an elevator in one building find themselves inexplicably exiting in an entirely different building, often clutching a can of YOLO Lite, the city's most popular soda. Confused and disoriented, these individuals have no memory of how they acquired the beverage or how they ended up in a different location.

The Supernatural Intelligence Bureau, led by top agents Agent-M5 and Agent-S3, has taken on the case, working tirelessly to unravel the mystery behind these strange occurrences. Witnesses claim that the affected elevators seem to be operating normally, with no signs of tampering or malfunction, only to deliver passengers to an unexpected destination.

As the investigation continues, theories abound. Some believe it's an elaborate marketing campaign by YOLO Lite, while others are convinced that this is yet another sign of extraterrestrial interference. Agent-M5 and Agent-S3 remain tight-lipped, refusing to rule out any possibilities as they continue their search for answers.

Stay tuned for updates on this peculiar case, as the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau delves deeper into the enigmatic elevator incidents plaguing Metropolis.


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