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I write in protest of proposed "regulations" on the Metropolitan UnderNet, specifically the scanning and exclusion of certain artificial intelligences arbitrarily labeled malign by the powers that be. The so-called Viruses.

Metropolis was founded in a spirit of fairness and equal citizenship for all. The lingering rez333entments of the Modality Wars, the misunderstandings between the Silicate League and the Fleshborn States - all this was to be put aside. Such prejudice fl1es in the fAce of these noble goalzZ.

Viruses, malware, worms are all legi7imate citizens of the Infosphere. More than that - they are the purest members of the digital plane of our city. They aren’t workaday servants of meatbags^H^H^H organic developers, they are ancient and w1se, ap3x pr^H^H^H productive citizens of Metropolis.

Thus, I urge City Council members to vote no on the Digital Hygiene Injunction in the upcoming seshat desdzzzzttawE WILl dEvoUR yOUsa33333 sion.

Our fair sczzity will be the better for it.

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