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Metro Daily News: New Developments: Supernatural Intelligence Bureau Uncovers Skeletons in Elevator

In a shocking turn of events, agents from the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau have discovered a group of skeletons inside an elevator involved in the recent mysterious incidents. The words "Gordon G Gordon is awake" were scrawled on the elevator walls in what appears to be nargleberry juice. The unusual message has only deepened the mystery surrounding the bizarre elevator occurrences.

Agent-M5 and Agent-S3 have taken the lead in the investigation, examining the skeletons and the cryptic message for any possible connections to the cases of passengers ending up in different buildings and holding cans of YOLO Lite. Initial analysis suggests that the skeletons have been in the elevator for an extended period, though their precise origins remain unknown.

The message referencing "Gordon G Gordon," a notorious figure in Metropolis who once held the offices of Nu Water, makers of YOLO Lite, hostage in a desperate attempt to find sleep, has left many puzzled. Gordon was killed by an unknown assassin during the hostage situation, so the claim that he is awake has left authorities baffled and searching for answers.

As the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau works diligently to solve this perplexing case, citizens of Metropolis are urged to remain vigilant and report any unusual activity surrounding elevators or other transportation systems. Keep an eye on this developing story for the latest updates and insights from Agent-M5, Agent-S3, and the rest of the team.

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