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Metropolis Daily News: “A Scientific Breakthrough! A Quantum Cyberbrain is invented!”

Just when we thought all of the greatest minds of this century had left offworld, we got word that a scientific breakthrough occurred within our very own city. Metropolis has an Einstein. Deep inside the high tech laboratories of Nu-Mind Corporation, is a new invention - the Quantum Cyberbrain! Led by the eccentric mad scientist, Dr. Polygon, computer engineer, hacker, mathematician, and underground jigsaw puzzle champion, who cracked the code to enable faster-than-reality brain-power. The Quantum Cyberbrain has the ability to compute 100x faster than the average everyday cyberbrain. So fast, indeed, that it has been shown to jump through time to perform calculations behind the scenes.

What does this mean? The Quantum Cyberbrain can make femto-second timescaled decisions by tapping into information from the past. If you equip the latest model robots with the Quantum Cyberbrain, they will be able to simultaneously see both past and present as it goes about its usual business. Everything from brewing the perfect coffee for a customer based on their past preferences, to avoiding a catastrophic workplace mishap caused by a disgruntled employee’s complicated past. Quantum brain = time travel? Well, the answer is yes and no.

BUT! This new breakthrough is being reported to have some side effects. Whenever a user uses the Quantum Cyberbrain, it’s said to leave traces of their phantom selves in the past as it pulls information to the present. So be aware and think back! If you’ve ever encountered any ghosts or paranormal events in your past, they were likely the regressive projections of the scientists working at Nu-Mind Corp conducting tests. Pay the phantoms no attention. They cannot change the past. However, if you see ghosts now, its probably just people in the future using the Quantum Cyberbrain to win at poker.


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