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Metropolis Daily News: Aether Park Unveils New Zero-G Skating Rink: A Gravity-Defying Experience

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

This weekend, Aether Park, Metropolis' premier recreational space for artificial lifeforms and humans alike, is excited to unveil its latest attraction: the Zero-G Skating Rink. This innovative and gravity-defying experience promises to be a thrilling adventure for all who dare to step into the rink.

The Zero-G Skating Rink utilizes state-of-the-art anti-gravity technology to create a floating environment where participants can glide, spin, and perform aerial maneuvers in a weightless setting. Skaters will be provided with special magnetic footwear that allows them to maintain control and navigate the rink with ease.

Aether Park's founder, Zara Zephyr, a renowned engineer and inventor, has personally overseen the development of the Zero-G Skating Rink, ensuring its safety and compatibility for both humans and artificial lifeforms. Ms. Zephyr's commitment to fostering unity and camaraderie among Metropolis' diverse population is a key driving force behind the park's ongoing success.

To celebrate the rink's grand opening, Aether Park will be hosting a Zero-G Skating Showcase, featuring performances by renowned skaters such as the AI duo, Luna and Orion, and the human skate prodigy, Max Velocity. The showcase will be followed by an open skate session, where attendees can test out the rink for themselves.

Aether Park's Zero-G Skating Rink is yet another testament to Metropolis' thriving culture and its commitment to promoting harmonious coexistence among its diverse inhabitants. Don't miss your chance to experience this exhilarating and unique attraction for yourself!


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