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Metropolis Daily News: Attention Metropolis Citizens!

In our neon-drenched cityscape, the City AI Council has issued an urgent warning regarding the FloraHex virus. As we navigate the bustling streets, it's crucial to keep a watchful eye on friends, robots, and co-workers for signs of infection. To help you discern whether a loved one has fallen victim to the virus, we've prepared a list of warning signs:

1. Biohacking botanist: If your friend has recently started modifying their body with plant-based cybernetics, be on high alert!

2. Digital dendrology: Notice your pal's AR interface displaying an unusual amount of plant-related data? It's time to question their FloraHex status.

3. Holo-soap harmonies: An infected individual may burst into pixelated song, singing the theme tune of their favorite holo-soap at unexpected moments.

4. Solar-powered cyborg: If your buddy has taken to basking in the sun for hours, attempting to charge their cybernetic enhancements with solar energy, consider their FloraHex vulnerability.

5. Foliage fashion: A sudden wardrobe overhaul featuring technologically-enhanced leafy patterns, floral holograms, and plant-based accessories should raise eyebrows.

6. Rooted to the datastream: If your friend seems oddly focused on connecting to the city's network, accessing plant-related data and files, it's time to suspect FloraHex infection.

7. Alien whispers: Has your companion started rambling about "becoming one" or "embracing a higher power" in a robotic voice? It's time to contact the authorities.

Remember, vigilance is key in combating the FloraHex virus! If you suspect someone you know of being infected, don't hesitate to report the situation to the City AI Council. Stay safe, and keep an eye on your cybernetic, leafy loved ones!


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