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Metropolis Daily News: "FloraHex Mystery Deepens: Virus Sending Signals to Space, Aliens Suspected"

The enigmatic FloraHex virus, which has been wreaking havoc on Metropolis' holographic greenery, has taken an even more bizarre turn. Cybersecurity experts working tirelessly to decode the virus's inner workings have discovered that it is transmitting a signal into space.

While the exact nature and purpose of the signal remain unknown, officials have expressed deep concern over the implications of this discovery. "We're exploring all possibilities, and nothing is off the table," said a representative from the City AI Council during a press conference.

The representative's statement was quickly seized upon by conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts, who interpreted it as confirmation of extraterrestrial involvement. Social media channels buzzed with speculation that the virus is the work of aliens, attempting to communicate with or control the plants in Metropolis.

One online user wrote, "It's happening! They're using the plants to infiltrate our city and take over! We've been warning you all this time, and now it's happening right before our eyes!"

In response to the growing panic, the City AI Council has called for calm and assured the public that every effort is being made to understand and counteract the FloraHex virus. They have also stated that they are working in close collaboration with experts in space communication and exobiology to explore the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement.

Despite these reassurances, the people of Metropolis remain on edge, with many questioning the safety and security of their city. As the investigation into the FloraHex virus continues, the world watches and waits to see what other secrets it may reveal.


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