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Metropolis Daily News: "FloraHex Virus Crisis: Unexpected Country Music Solution"

In a remarkable turn of events, Metropolis scientists have discovered a solution to the ongoing FloraHex virus crisis that has plagued our city. The unlikely antidote? Country music. Specifically, Chatty Galore's hit song "My Robot Doesn't Love My Dog Anymore" has proven to be the key to eradicating the virus.

The City AI Council has issued a mandate to replace all holo-soap theme songs with Chatty Galore's tune, which seems to have a profound effect on the virus. In a bizarre twist, researchers found that the unique sonic vibrations in "My Robot Doesn't Love My Dog Anymore" resonate at a frequency that disrupts the FloraHex virus's holographic matrix, causing it to disintegrate and release its hold on the infected.

As the city quickly adapts to the mandate, early results show a significant decrease in FloraHex-related incidents. Citizens are encouraged to play the song in their homes, workplaces, and public spaces to help expedite the eradication process.

While the origin of the FloraHex virus remains a mystery, Metropolis citizens can breathe a sigh of relief as they watch their city return to normalcy. The unlikely combination of country music and cutting-edge science has once again saved the day in our cyberpunk world.


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