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Metropolis Daily News: "Friends, Co-workers, and AI Council Members Duplicated by FloraHex Virus"

In an alarming development, Metropolis citizens have reported increasing instances of friends, co-workers, and even high-ranking AI Council members being duplicated by the notorious FloraHex virus. A recent broadcast featuring several AI Council members took a bizarre turn when it became apparent that they were, in fact, holographic plant replicas connected to planters.

As the AI Council holographs sang the theme song to a popular holo-soap, they delivered a cryptic and unnerving message to the city's residents: "Do not worry, we are all one now!"

The statement has sparked widespread concern and panic, with citizens questioning the motives and intentions of the FloraHex virus. Is it seeking to assimilate the entire population of Metropolis, replacing them with docile, holographic plant doppelgangers?

In response to the growing crisis, the City AI Council has declared a state of emergency and advised all residents to remain vigilant, reporting any suspicious behavior or potential FloraHex-related incidents to the authorities. Experts are working tirelessly to uncover the origins of the virus and develop a countermeasure to stop its rapid spread.

As the FloraHex virus continues to wreak havoc on the city and its inhabitants, the citizens of Metropolis find themselves in a desperate race against time, fighting to maintain their individuality and freedom against an increasingly enigmatic and unpredictable foe.


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