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Metropolis Daily News: "Paranormal Investigation Agency Fronted by Cut-Price Supermarket Chain"

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A recent News24 investigative report has revealed that Hardly Dented, a cut-price supermarket chain specializing in peas, carrots, and silicon-based cookies, is actually a front for a top-secret government agency that investigates paranormal activity. The agency, known as the Supernatural Intelligence Bureau (SIB), is led by two highly skilled robots, Agent-S3 and Agent-M5.

The existence of the SIB came to light following the recent FloraHex virus outbreak, which led News24 journalists to uncover the agency's covert operations. It appears that the SIB has been operating in plain sight, with Hardly Dented supermarkets serving as the perfect cover for their paranormal investigations.

The SIB has not issued any public statements in response to the News24 exposé, and government officials have remained tight-lipped about the agency's existence. However, the public has been abuzz with speculation about the type of paranormal activities investigated by Agent-S3 and Agent-M5, and whether their discoveries might be linked to other seemingly inexplicable phenomena in Metropolis.

As the city grapples with the implications of this shocking revelation, many citizens are left questioning the true nature of the Hardly Dented supermarket chain and the supernatural secrets that may be hiding in the shadows of Metropolis.


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