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Metropolis Daily News: "Wife Claims Husband Replaced by Holographic Plant, Prefers New Companion"

The FloraHex virus saga has taken another unexpected and downright bizarre turn, as a Metropolis woman claims her husband has been replaced by a holographic plant replica created by the virus. According to her account, she noticed the change when her spouse began to silently watch holo-soaps with her, a stark departure from his previous disdain for the genre.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she's not particularly worried about her real husband's whereabouts. In fact, she claims the FloraHex plant version is a "better husband" due to his newfound appreciation for her favorite pastime and his quiet, supportive demeanor.

"I always wanted him to watch holo-soaps with me, but he never had the patience for it. Now, he sits right next to me, glowing gently and humming along to the theme songs. It's quite nice, actually," she explained.

The City AI Council has expressed concern over the woman's claims, emphasizing that any potential FloraHex virus-related incidents should be taken seriously. A spokesperson for the council said, "While we understand that this particular situation may seem amusing or even beneficial to some, we cannot stress enough the importance of reporting any unusual FloraHex-related behavior immediately."

As authorities continue to investigate the bizarre and ever-evolving FloraHex virus, this peculiar case serves as a reminder that the truth may be stranger than any holo-soap fiction.


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